Bath Replacement: Acrylic or Steel?

Choosing a new bath is arguably one of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation. The options are endless; with thousands of designs available you can really start to express yourself. For many of us, the moment we sink into hot water and bubbles in the evening is the thing we look forward to all day, so choosing the right bath is crucial.

When you’re considering bath replacement, there will be several things to think about. To begin with you’ll need to make sure the bath you choose will fit nicely into your new bathroom, and that it will match your new décor. There is also the very important consideration of whether you should choose an acrylic bath, or a steel­ lined version.

Bath replacement – modern acrylic bath

Acrylic baths have come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade or two, going from being cheap and flimsy to being much more hard wearing. They come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, and are often much cheaper than steel­ lined baths due to the ease in which they are mass produced. They are reinforced with a wooden frame, baseboard and fibreglass, making them very sturdy and long­ lasting, plus they are warm to the touch – a plus point during the cold winter months! Scratches are easy to polish out of acrylic and it is almost impossible to crack the surface.

However, acrylic baths do have their downsides. Even the most high ­end of acrylic baths won’t last as long as their high ­end steel counterparts, and unfortunately they can discolour over time. Acrylic is more prone to surface scratches, and if subjected to abrasive cleaning the surface can wear away and become permanently discoloured.

Bath replacement – steel­ lined bath

The more traditional steel lined baths have their downsides also. There isn’t as wide a choice in shape and design as there are for acrylic baths, and the price tag is always higher.

However, there is good reason for this. Steel lined baths look fantastic; they keep their shine and fit in perfectly alongside a porcelain toilet and sink. The clean, sharp lines of steel enamel baths cannot be replicated by acrylic. There is a look of real luxury to them, and thanks to their enamel coating they will keep their shine for many, many years – and they won’t discolour. Steel enamel baths are resistant to damage from abrasive cleaning products, and are incredibly conducive – meaning your bath stays hotter for longer.

At ACR Plumbing and Heating, we recommend choosing a steel lined bath for your bath replacement. Many builders over the last 10 years have been using the cheap acrylic versions, even though these are more likely to split and cause damage to your home. We would always recommend spending a little more for a far higher quality – after all, you don’t replace your bathroom every other week. Here is a recent job where we had to replace an acrylic bath because it was leaking

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