Water Leaking Through Floor

Water leaks are the stuff of nightmares. The fast, dramatic ones can cause a lot of damage (and a lot of stress) very quickly, and the ones that go undetected for days, months or even years, can cause even more.

When you imagine a water leak through floor, you might visualize a dramatic scene with water bursting from the ground, soaking everything in its path. However, you could have a water leak through floor without knowing about it. Small, unknown and undetected leaks waste billions of liters of water each year – and many thousands of consumers’ euro. Unfortunately, any water lost through a leak is still your responsibility to pay for. If you suspect a leak, it’s important you find out as soon as possible if it’s the case, and have it repaired quickly.

Water leak through floor – How do I know I have a leak?

You may notice dark patches on your floor, warped or discoloured flooring, or even see the water itself seeping through.

Although many leaks go unnoticed, there are signs you can look out for, and the sooner you catch a water leak through floor, the less damage it can potentially do. You may suspect a water leak through floor if:

• Your water bills are much higher than usual.

• You notice a reduction in water pressure in your home.

• You notice noises from your internal plumbing system that you didn’t notice before.

• You have turned off all water ­using appliances in your home, but your water meter is still turning.

If you are familiar with plumbing, it can be helpful for us if you have an approximate idea of where the leak might be located. Listen for hissing sounds by your hot water tank. Additionally, you can remove the top from the backs of your toilets and listen very closely for hissing sounds there. However, if you cannot detect the suspected leak, don’t worry. The extensive experience of our qualified tradespeople allows us to quickly find and fix your leak.

Water leak through floor – Who is responsible for the repair?

If you’re a homeowner, and the leak is on your property, you are responsible for having it repaired – and for any costs you may have incurred as a result of the leak. However, if the leak is in the supply pipe to your home it will be the responsibility of the water company to pay for it.

If you live in a rented property, it is your landlord’s responsibility to deal with a water leak through floor, and to pay for repairs. The costs for any wasted water may well still be your responsibility but you should check this with your landlord.