The temperature has been gradually dropping, and while we haven’t seen the ‘big freeze’ yet, it’s probably a good time to discuss frozen pipe prevention before the cold really sets in. If you follow these steps, it’ll hopefully prevent your pipes from freezing, which can be incredibly costly to repair.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

● Insulate any water pipes that are in your garage, roof, basement or any others that are exposed to cold, moving air. You need proper insulation to help slow down the potential of freezing.

● Locate the internal stop valve and test to ensure it’s working correctly. You will need to find this to shut off the water if a thawed pipe suddenly bursts or leaks.

● Keep your home heating on low for longer periods if you’re vacating your house for an extended period. Ask a friend or neighbour to check in to prevent potential damage from a burst pipe.

● Try and reduce cold air coming into the home by closing all doors and windows.

● Ensure your roof is properly insulated to prevent cold air from coming in and freezing the pipes.

If one or more of your pipes still become frozen after implementing the above prevention’s, you should take these next steps:

● Turn off the water supply at the stop valve

● Thaw the section of the pipe that’s frozen by applying heat in the form of a hairdryer, a warmed towel or heat lamp. Never use flammable material or a naked flame.

If A Frozen Pipe Bursts

If you do have the unfortunate situation of dealing with a burst pipe, you can take these immediate steps:

● Turn off the stop valve

● Ensure all taps and appliances are turned off to stop flooding potential

● Soak up or catch any leaking water with basins and thick towels to reduce damage to your home

● Call a plumber

Who Should I Call?

Always call a plumber you can trust, with a fantastic customer service history and good reviews, either by word of mouth or online. It’s a good idea to check out previous customers’ testimonials. Here at ACR Plumbing and Heating, we have over 30 experience in the industry and many satisfied customers. We always arrive promptly and work professionally,