Power Flush

A Powerflush is like servicing your heating system and is every bit as important as servicing your boiler. Powerflush cleans your entire heating system, including the boiler, restoring its ability to heat your home. It is a more economical solution to replace your whole system.

Our professional engineers will begin by draining down your central heating system. We will then use a chemical solution to remove any build-up of dirt, sludge and grime and finally run fresh water through your heating system, so it runs like new.

Over time your heating system will have a build-up of dirt, sludge and limescale in your pipes, pumps and boiler.  This will lower the efficiency of your heating and have a knock-on effect on your heating bills, increasing what you pay and reducing the effectiveness of your heating.

When dirt, sludge, grime & lime builds up in your radiators it will reduce the ability of the radiators to heat, often creating cold spots and reducing their ability to throw heat into a room. If dirt builds up in your pump or boiler it increases the wear and tear greatly reducing the lifespan of your heating system.

If you are concerned that your heating is not working efficiently use the check list below and it will help you see if a Powerflush is required.

Check List To Identify If A Powerflush Is Required.

  • Is you home colder than usual even when the heating is on full?
  • Does it seem to take forever to heat up your radiators?
  • Are your radiators only half heating (either the bottom or top)?
  • Do your radiators need constant bleeding?
  • Is it taking much longer to heat the water?
  • Are your radiators leaking?
  • Is your heating making strange noise? 

Power flushing your central heating system is an economical way to restore its circulation and improve its energy efficiency. Your heating bills will reduce as your heating will be working more efficiently.

If you need more information call 01 497 9838 and speak to one of our team who can help you with the next step.