New Building

Before your plumber starts, you will need to work out exactly where you want appliances and sanitary ware, such as your boiler, toilet, and bath. Have a proper plan drawn up. Your architect (if using one) can help you with this. That way, when the plumber comes in to do the job, he has a plan to work to; there then should be no mistakes made or no excuses if there are. A good plumber will thoroughly check the plan before setting to work and highlight anything that may be a problem.

Connect The Dots

The next stage of plumbing for new build is the ‘second fix’ plumbing, which happens once the joinery and interior walls are in place. It means connecting up all appliances and sanitary ware to the pipework, testing, and certifying them. This is will include the boiler, radiators, toilets, taps and more. If your plumber has laid the first fix pipework correctly without any twisting, then this should all go without hiccup. He should also have put lagging (insulation) around heating pipes, which ensures they don’t lose any warmth, and therefore conserve energy.

Who Should I Choose?

Carrying out any new build can be stressful for a lot of people; that’s why it’s imperative to go with a company you can trust. Choose a company that has great online reviews, and an excellent (and easy to find) customer service history. A good plumber will always work tidily and to plan and should be friendly and cooperative with other contractors on site.

Our plumbers are all professionals with over 30 years worth of experience in the field. They are always on time and have an excellent work ethic. At ACR Plumbing and Heating, we pride ourselves on our superb customer service history and reliable reputation. Why not take a look at some of customer testimonials to see what others had to say? Whoever you choose to carry out your plumbing for new build, we wish you the best of luck!