Property Management

Choosing the right property management plumber is vitally important. The main consideration is of course the quality of their service – you (and your tenants) don’t want shoddy workmanship in your properties. However it is also worth considering that the work that they carry out will reflect on you, and will boost or damage your reputation. You need to find a team who will reflect your care and professionalism.

We are an experienced Dublin-based property management plumbing service. We understand the type of plumbing and heating issues that you regularly face, all while juggling the many other responsibilities of being a property manager.

Our experienced and well-trained team of plumbers can diagnose and fix problems quickly. This means that it causes the least disputation to tenants and damage to a property.  We won’t let you or your tenants down.


Property owners need to know that you are protecting their investment. We can undertake regular servicing and inspection of central heating boilers. This is essential to detect bigger and more costly problems from developing.

Regular servicing makes sure that boilers run safely and last longer. It also makes them run more efficiently. Our RGII registered plumbers are qualified to service gas fuelled central heating boilers. They also issue a certification of the service for the landlord’s records.


If a boiler breaks down in one of your properties, or there is no hot water, has leaking pipes, or a faulty shower, then you need to make sure that you can get it repaired as soon as possible. Leaving repairs too long can lead to dissatisfied tenants. It can also cause expensive damage to the property.

Our well-trained team of plumbers, who cover all parts of Dublin, can respond quickly to your call. Our plumbers are highly experienced professionals and a can usually fix issues in less than one-hour.  We will schedule our visit with the tenants and importantly, we turn up when we say we will.

Some Of Our Property Management Clients

Eoin O'Neill Property Services Logo

Eoin O’Neill Property Advisors provide a full range of property sales, letting and property management services. Based in Donnybrook Dublin 4, their property management service aims to provide landlords with a ‘hassle free’ professional service to help them to get the most out of their residential investment.

Working with ACR Plumbing and Heating

 “We look after a large number of properties on behalf of our clients. We’ve worked with several plumbers for regular servicing and repairs over the years. We began calling ACR Plumbing and Heating more and more in 2016 for a number of reasons.

Reliable Service

When a tenant phones us to let us know that there is a problem with their gas boiler, or if there is a major plumbing or heating issue in a property, we contact the ACR team.

We have found that everyone from the office staff to the team of plumbers to be very reliable and efficient. And, importantly, they use their initiative.

In the past, we found that some plumbers we used would only address the issue they were called out to do. This meant that sometimes they missed something that needed to be to flagged, repaired or replaced. The result of that usually meant that the plumbers had to be called out again at an additional charge which was annoying for the tenant and expensive for the landlord. Getting the problem resolved in one call is great for us.


ACR are also very accommodating with how we need to work. When we need to invoice landlords for repairs, we found that they were able to facilitate this type of arrangement. They always invoice us on-time which is great for our own financial management system. And the office team email us records of the work they completed which we need for our own records.

Eoin O’Neill Property Advisers

Accodations Letting Logo

Accommodation Lettings are based in Terenure Dublin 6W and provide property sales, letting and property management services. Alan and Leonie Brady took over Accommodation Lettings in 1991 which was an already established property agency.

“When we took over the company there was a panel of plumbers that the previous owners worked with, so you could say that we inherited ACR! We began calling them more than the other plumbers on the panel and now we use them a lot. This is because we found that they are really dependable and they were more responsive than the others.


Reliability is really important to us. If a tenant rings us with an issue we need to able to assure them that help is on its way and that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

Range of Services

ACR also provide a good range of services which means that they resolve any of the plumbing and heating issues we have with any of our properties.”

Alan Brady Managing Director Accommodation Lettings Ltd.


The Georgian Townhouse Group owns and manages several boutique guest houses in central Dublin as well as other properties that are used for long and short let accommodation.

“We’re been using ACR Plumbing and Heating for at least six years. We did have a plumber that we used regularly but, they were a one-man-band operation. As our business grew he was not always available or able to get to us.

I was very familiar with the ACR vans driving around Dublin and I gave them a call to see if they could help us. I didn’t know that they had such a large team of plumbers. They are always able to get to use and solve our problem.

We have a number of guesthouses in old Georgian houses in Dublin. With older houses, there is always something that needs repairing or replacing. And because our product is accommodation, any plumbing or heating issue can really affect our business.


If there is no hot water or heating in a guest house, then we need to be able to get that fixed as soon as possible. ACR Plumbing and Heating have a fleet of plumbers on the road, and we have found that they can organise to have someone with us very quickly. I phone the ACR office and always they get back to me to let me know when they can get a plumber out to us.

Gaining access to fix a plumbing or heating issue in a guest’s room can be tricky. The guest needs time to leave the room before the plumbers can get in to fix it, and they have to be finished before the next guest’s check-in in the afternoon. There is a short window of opportunity for the plumbers to do this and because the ACR lads are flexible, they can work with this access issue.

Maintenance and Servicing

It’s not only emergency or repairs that we need to call ACR for. We’re always updating features in our older premises. ACR have installed pumps into showers in order to improve the water pressure in some rooms. They also do the regular maintenance and servicing on the boilers.”

Gary Winstanley (Property Maintenance Manager) from Georgian Townhouse Group

 Cheevestown Logo

Cheeverstown House, based in Templeogue Dublin, provides a wide range of residential, respite and day services to almost 500 children and adults with an intellectual disability and to their families in Cheeverstown Centre and throughout various community locations.

“We’ve been working with ACR Plumbing for a very long time, for at least 27 years. We have established a long relationship with the ACR team which is very important to us.


We care for people with intellectual disabilities and so we need to trust that the contractors that we use will behave appropriately at all times. It’s essential that they are trustworthy and we have never had an issue with anyone from ACR.


ACR have provided a range of services to us over the years. They have renovated at least 30 bathrooms to make them accessible for our clients. And of course, they do all the usual plumbing and heating services that come with large residential properties.


We have always found ACR Plumbing and Heating to be reliable. They might not be the cheapest plumbers in Dublin, but they do offer us great value for money. They know our buildings well and understand what needs to done.”

Tim Ryan Operations Manager Cheeverstown House

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