Philip Cassin – Gas Services

My company subcontracts work to ACR plumbing we began using ACR for smaller jobs and initially we were pleased to note that they show up on time and are highly reliable. Over the years we have developed an excellent business relationship and feel comfortable subcontracting larger jobs like boiler replacements. 

Before we met Keith at ACR I was loath to refer other plumbers because it was so hard finding someone who was reliable. 

However having worked with Keith and his team we feel confident referring him to clients. Keith is an extremely personable chap and highly experienced and vitally, if he says he will show up at X time he will. 

Keith shares a similar ethos with myself in that he really values his customers and values them in the long term. If something were to go wrong I know ACR would not just leave a customer on their own to deal with it.

Having gotten to know a couple of the lads at ACR I would throughly trust them. Seeing them work on jobs I have been pleased to note that they are experienced and work to a very high standard. They are also very personable. 

I would highly recommend Keith and his team at ACR.